Roundabouts Reducing Crashes

Dutch Road and Waterville-Monclova Road meet in two places at a jog in Waterville Township, just southwest of US 24. Roundabouts were constructed in 2014 at both locations and the number and severity of crashes at those locations has been greatly reduced.

TMACOG’s System Performance & Monitoring Committee (the SPAM committee) reviewed statistics at a recent meeting. From 2011 to 2014, there were 19 crashes including one fatality and seven injury crashes. Following the construction of the new intersection, from 2015 through most of 2018 there were eight crashes, no fatalities, and only two injuries (the rest were property damage only).

Transportation Planner and Data Analyst Lisa Householder notes that while roundabouts do greatly reduce the severity of crashes, the new intersection might not be responsible for all of the reduction. The new route for US 24 reduced the volume of traffic at the area, and local planners had installed new all-way stop signs at one point before the roundabout was constructed. However, after the roundabouts were built, crashes involving turns, sideswipes, and angles were completely eliminated. The only crashes were rear ends and fixed objects (both of which usually mean operator error: unsafe speed and loss of control).

TMACOG continuously collects and analyzes data related to traffic infrastructure to inform future plans for improving safety. Roundabouts in the TMACOG region are improving safety here as they have in Europe and other parts of the U.S.
A new database and map shows existing and planned roundabouts (through 2024) in the TMACOG planning region of Lucas and Wood counties in Ohio and Monroe County, Michigan.


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