Gas Cap Season Report

If your car or light truck was built before 1997, there is an excellent chance that its gas cap is leaking. The summer Gas Cap Testing and Replacement program operated by TMACOG and the City of Toledo Division of Environmental Services found that one-third of these older vehicles needed a replacement cap. A leaky cap can lose up to two tanks of gas per year, contributing to air pollution as well as wasting money.

The 2019 program tested 735 vehicles of all ages and replaced 133 caps for an overall failure rate of 18%. That is up from last year when about 14% of vehicles failed the vacuum test.

There were 23 local testing events at participating partner locations. Partners in the Gas Cap Testing and Replacement program are Circle K, Kroger, True North/Shell, and Barney’s. They provided space for staff and interns to post signs, disseminate informational materials, test and replace gas caps, and discuss the importance of clean air with the public.

The overall goal of emissions testing is to improve air quality. Motorists in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan are not required to have mandatory E-Checks that some areas with worse air quality require. The Gas Cap Testing and Replacement program is a voluntary program that provides a simple, quick, and free way for motorists to potentially cut back on their emissions.

See the summary report of the Gas Cap Season here.

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