TMACOG’s long range transportation plan is being reviewed and modified as part of the required 5-year update procedure. The 2045 Plan-Update 2020 plan is the prioritized list of projects, initiatives, and policies that guide transportation investments in the Toledo metropolitan area (Lucas and Wood counties in Ohio and southern Monroe County in Michigan).

After this spring's public meetings, a fall survey of business and industry, and regular meetings of the 2045 Plan task force throughout 2019, staff is now developing the updated priority project list. Priorities are those projects identified as valuable by local governments, stakeholders, and the public which will improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation network. Each of the Transportation committees have reviewed the priorities and have made suggestions. In some cases, projects are complete and can be removed from the list. In other cases, local governments have changed priorities based on funding or other developments. TMACOG staff are scoring and ranking the updated list of priorities. For the next step, lead staff will present the updated draft list to the task force for comments and recommendations.

TMACOG staff is also reviewing the policy and initiative sections of the 2045 Plan. Initiatives are those transportation projects that don’t involve construction. The 2045 Plan includes 16 initiatives in our region that stress research, collaboration, and community education. The policies established in the 2045 Plan will guide future actions in the region. These are 26 specific positions reflecting the task force consensus on significant challenges facing the region, from support for roundabout intersections to recommending complete streets.

Public meetings will be scheduled for late January and February to allow interested members of the public to review the 2020 update. A public comment period is scheduled for March. Comments from the general public will be reviewed by staff and changes to the plan could be considered based on that public input. The updated plan will be presented to the TMACOG Board of Trustees for a vote in June of 2020.

See the current plan and information on the update here: http://www.tmacog.org/onthemove/.


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