Region’s Safety Plan Approved

TMACOG recently completed and published a Regional Safety Plan that has been in development for most of a year. The 76-page plan examines types of crashes in our region, factors that may contribute to them, and recommends strategies for reducing fatalities and serious injuries. Local governments and agencies are invited to use the report as a resource for local efforts to reduce crashes and injuries.

“There are, on average, 17,734 crashes per year (10 per day) in the region which includes 51 fatal crashes and 4,703 injury crashes.”

Compared to the rest of Ohio, Lucas and Wood counties have more crashes involving fixed objects and young drivers (ages 18-25).

Fixed object crashes occur when a vehicle leaves the roadway and collides with a stationary object such as a tree, utility pole or mailbox. In eight percent of fatalities and serious injuries between 2009 and 2018, speed and/or alcohol were contributing factors in a fixed object collision.
For young drivers, data suggests that males driving early in the school year, and at the hours just after school gets out for the day are most at risk.

Distracted driving was also identified by local work groups as a significant hazard. In our region more crashes also happen in intersections. Intersections contribute to fatalities and serious injuries in approximately 37 percent of the statewide crashes, but over 50 percent in our region.

For more information on the plan and how to use it, contact Lisa Householder at 419.241.9155 ext. 1124.

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