Agenda for Lake Erie - Timeline

The Agenda for Lake Erie is a one of TMACOG’s fundamental policy documents. It describes the policies, practices, and funding actions that a consensus of members agree will make meaningful progress toward phosphorus reduction in Lake Erie, support a robust water recreation industry, and provide safe, reliable drinking water to our region’s 500,000 citizens.

The first Agenda for Lake Erie was approved in December 2018. That document is now being updated with respect to changes in regulation and to re-evaluate goals. Since the agenda was created, the Water Quality Council (WQC) has established the Agriculture Committee and other new members have joined the council. These new members will have the opportunity to contribute to the revisions.

During the spring of 2020, the agenda is under review by TMACOG’s Water Quality committees. The committee members will be considering modifications throughout. In particular, the policy brief on Impairment Designation will be re-written in response to the Ohio EPA decision to develop a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for the western Lake Erie basin within the next few years.

In June and July, the WQC will solicit and review stakeholder input. Stakeholders include commercial fisherman, chambers of commerce, conservation groups, agricultural groups, tourism groups, and others with an interest in the health of Lake Erie. In August, TMACOG will invite interested members of the public to review and comment on the draft agenda during a public engagement period.

Throughout the fall members and staff will work to address all comments in a final draft agenda. The TMACOG Executive Committee will vote on it in November, the Board of Trustees in December, and the 2021-2022 Agenda for Lake Erie will be submitted to the TMACOG General Assembly in January 2021 at the annual business meeting.

The current agenda is posted here: http://www.tmacog.org/AFLE/. For more information on the update and how to participate, contact TMACOG Director of Water Quality Planning Kari Gerwin at gerwin@tmacog.org.

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