208 Areawide Water Quality Management Plan

Proposed Updates from Last Adopted Version


AWQMP Chapter or FPA

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Description of Proposed Changes

TMACOG AWQMP - Complete Plan

       This 2017 version of the 208 includes the latest updates to all seven chapters the Facility Planning Area Descriptions, and Critical Sewage Areas. Review of this document will be conducted at several TMACOG meetings in May and June. To see the version adopted last year, please click this link: TMACOG AWQMP


       The Sanitary Sewerage Facility Planning Areas have been reviewed, and updated as requested by DMAs. This chapter was approved in June 2017, and there as yet are no further changes. See also Current FPAs. Current FPAs.


TMACOG AWQMP Chapter 5: Onsite Sewage Treatment

       The Critical Sewage Areas have been reviewed and updated as needed. Significant changes proposed in Ottawa County by the Ottawa County Health Dept.

       There have also been significant updates to the inventory of package sewage treatment plants.





Individual Areawide Water Quality Management Plan Amendments



Eliminate Rader Creek CSX WWTP by connecting to North Baltimore

       No proposed changes at this time.


These documents represent proposed changes to the TMACOG 208 Plan. They are subject to review and recommendation by the TMACOG Environmental Council and Executive Committee, and final approval by the Board of Trustees. Click here for the currently adopted version.