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208 Water Quality Management Plan

TMACOG maintains the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan through consultation with local jurisdictions,
to encourage development of a plan that all parties agree to. It’s important that we keep the 208 Plan current and relevant to community needs, particularly so in Ohio since by law the Director of the Ohio EPA must deny permits
that conflict with the plan.

>> Areawide Water Quality Management Plan (208 Plan) 2017 Update
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Previous Meetings

Friday, February 24
208 Public Meeting
Lucas & Wood Counties
Time: 10 a.m. - noon
Location: Northwestern Water
& Sewer District
12560 Middleton Pike,
Bowling Green,
Contact: Kurt Erichsen, ext. 126

Monday, February 27
208 Public Meeting
Ottawa County

Time: 10 a.m. - noon
Location: Emergency Operations Center (In the basement of the Ottawa County Courthouse)
315 Madison, Port Clinton, OH
Contact: Kurt Erichsen, ext. 126



The Plan
The TMACOG Areawide Water Quality Management Plan is a comprehensive document under the Clean Water
Act of 1972. It is a statement on behalf of our region (Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, and Wood Counties in Ohio and Bedford, Erie, and Whiteford Townships of Monroe County Michigan) as to what we — all of us — will do to meet
the goals of the Clean Water Act.

You may often hear of this document called a “208 Plan” — because Areawide Water Quality Management
Planning comes from Section 208 of the Act. In Ohio there are six “Areawide” agencies that maintain 208 Plans
for regions around major cities. All six of these Areawide Plans are part of the Ohio’s Statewide Water Quality Management Plan.

TMACOG’s 208 Plan was originally completed in 1980. The plan has been maintained to keep up with changes
in environmental law and regulation, provide current information on the region’s water quality, and reflect local infrastructure needs for sanitary sewers, wastewater treatment plants, onsite sewage systems, and stormwater management. From the table below you can download individual chapters or a complete copy of the most recent
version approved by the TMACOG Board of Trustees.

The links in the upper left hand corner of this screen let you download the current plan and executive summaries
of individual chapters, new drafts of chapters that are pending approval, and each of the individual sewerage
Facility Planning Areas (FPAs).

For comments or questions, please contact:
TMACOG Kurt Erichsen, P.E. Vice President of Water Quality


>> Current Plan
>> New Drafts
>> Individual FPAs

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