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Responding to member need and member direction, in 2015 the Environmental Council changed its name and focus to Water Quality Council. The goal of the new WQC is to coordinate and recommend positions on water quality issues and policies to the TMACOG Board of Trustees in an effort to improve and protect water quality in our region and Lake Erie. The committees of the WQC that have been established are:

Wastewater Committee. Recommends positions on wastewater issues and policies for effective and efficient sanitary sewerage systems that improve and protect water quality in our region and Lake Erie. This committee may expand its range of influence beyond the “208 Plan” area and into Fulton and Henry counties.
Stormwater Coalition. Provides a forum for local governments to address drainage, erosion, stormwater pollution, and stormwater management regulations on a cooperative, watershed basis.
Watersheds Committee. Investigates and addresses water quality issues and policies in an effort to improve and protect water quality in our region and Lake Erie.
Public Water Supply Committee. Recommends positions on public water supply issues and policies to provide the region with abundant, safe, and reliable water. Will provide professional training for water quality operators.
Regional Water Planning Committee. Provides a forum for elected officials to examine regional water systems, including issues of interconnectivity, redundancy, storage, and sustainability.

2017 Water Quality Council Meetings

TMACOG Water Quality Council
& 208 Plan Update Public Meeting

Wednesday, May 17

Thursday March 9
Water Quality Council
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Location: TMACOG Boardroom
Contact: Kurt Erichsen,
ext. 126

Friday February 3 |Presentation
TMACOG Water Quality Council – Regional Water Planning Committee | Special

Thursday, January 19
Water Quality Counci
l | Agenda & related documents |
OEPA’s Nutrient Mass Balance Study for Ohio’s Major Rivers

Time: 1:30 p.m.

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>>Ohio EPA’s Nutrient Mass     Balance Study for Ohio’s Major     Rivers

>>Resolution Supporting the Ohio     EPA Water Resource     Restoration Sponsor Program     (WRRSP)

>>Resolution Supporting the Clean
    Water Affordability Act of 2012

>>Resolution Adopting the Portage     River Watershed Plan

>>Resolution Updating and     Adopting The Areawide Water     Quality Management Plan

additional documents will
be added soon.


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