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Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management

As the greater Toledo region continues to develop with more paved property and roofs, the increasing amount of impervious surface contributes to rising volumes of runoff during rain events. Stormwater managers in the region and across the globe have identified innovative stormwater management techniques that are showing increased promise in the affordable and effective management of stormwater. One technique is the adoption of sustainable practices such as green stormwater infrastructure (GSI)

GSI is an approach to managing stormwater runoff that emphasizes infiltration, evapotranspiration, or rain water reuse to mimic natural systems. This is often accomplished through the use of plants and soils or engineered solutions that recreate natural processes. Protection and restoration of the landscape’s natural potential to manage stormwater is also an important component of green stormwater infrastructure.

The Green Infrastructure Task Force was formed in February 2014 to create a plan and regional goals for green infrastructure implementation in the Toledo-Lucas County region. The GSI Task Force includes a range of partners from local and regional governments, federal and state agencies, local universities, environmental organizations, and consulting engineering firms and is open to anyone who is interested in promoting green stormwater infrastructure in the region. Contact Katie Rousseau, American Rivers to be involved –


What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a depression low spot that filters dirty stormwater using plants that are naturally adapted to our local more

Educational Events

Previous Events:
Greening the Urban Landscape to Improve Water Quality Workshop
Tuesday May 26, 2015 at the University of Toledo

Hosted by the University of Toledo, American Rivers, and the Toledo-Lucas County Sustainability Commission

Greening the Urban Landscape to Improve Water Quality Workshop Agenda
Melissa Greene – Toledo-Lucas County Sustainability Commission
Sally Gladwell – Mannik & Smith
Matt Horvat – TMACOG
Cyndee Gruden – University of Toledo
Kari Gerwin – TMACOG

Breakout Session
Facilitated by Frank Lopez – Old Woman Creek Natural Estuarine Research Reserve

>>Breakout Questions
>>Site Selection Exercise

Green Infrastructure Slide Show


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