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Submit Data about your Green Infrastructure

  1. Register your green infrastructure project by emailing
  2. You will receive a confirmation email and a unique ID for your site, which will allow you to enter data
  3. Put your green infrastructure on the map here.
  4. Enter data about your site using the links below.

One-time data entry – The information you provide in this section will help others to make decisions about their own green infrastructure installations. Please provide as much detail as possible.

BMP LOCATION - Enter basic information about your site.

SITE DESIGN - Enter design information about your site

COST AND INSTALLATION - Enter cost and installation information about your site

Ongoing performance monitoring and maintenance tracking – It is very important that we understand how green infrastructure performs over time. The links below are mobile friendly to allow inspectors to provide data on site. Printable forms are also available for download. However you decide to record your site visit, make sure to enter your data using the links below.


The Performance Monitoring form collects only basic information about how your site is performing. Look in the Green Infrastructure Technical Resources section for detailed inspection forms specific to your type of green infrastructure.


The Maintenance Tracking Form collects information about how and when you maintain your green infrastructure. For more advice how to maintain your green infrastructure and suggested maintenance schedules, look in the Green Infrastructure Technical Resources (link to) section.


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