Causes and Sources of Impairment

Implementation Recommendations for the Toussaint River (0410001006)

see the Toussaint River TMDL Report for implementation strategy


Potential restoration strategies used to achieve the TMDL restoration targets


Upper Toussaint Creek (041000100601)

Packer Creek (041000100602)


Elimination/control of combined sewer overflows (CSOs)

Municipal pretreatment program

Centralized treatment for unsewered communities

Limit and reuse point source discharge water

Phase I and II Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3s) and Storm

Water Management Programs (SWMPs)

Post-construction storm water management practices

Sediment and erosion control practices in urban and agricultural areas

Conservation farming practices

Comprehensive nutrient management plans

Livestock waste management plans

Proper use and storage of fertilizers and pesticides

Reduce the use of residential fertilizers and pesticides

Home sewage treatment system management and maintenance

Flood plain management

Wetlands creation and protection

Riparian buffer initiatives

Corridor protection ordinances

Natural stream management principles

Planned growth/development strategies

Increase voluntary implementation of practices through education and outreach

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