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Stormwater Coalition Programs

The TMACOG Stormwater Coalition is a forum for local governments and other agencies to meet the requirements of EPA stormwater permits. The Stormwater Coalition helps fulfill the outreach and education requirements of stormwater permits through information and projects.

Links to presentations/workshops in the area that relate to stormwater:
Rain Garden Initiative, U.S. EPA, and Tetra Tech: Managing Wet Weather Workshops

Municipal Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Practices Presentation
Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping is a required minimum control measure for Phase II jurisdictions. This presentation was used for training municipal employees (from Stormwater Coalition jurisdictions) in Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping.

The Give Water A Hand Program

In 2004-2006 the Stormwater Coalition and the Maumee RAP conducted a stormwater education program called Give Water a Hand. The first phase included six tip cards, showing how homeowners can make a difference in protecting clean water. The second phase recommended practices specific types of businesses could follow to prevent pollution in stormwater runoff. These tip cards are available below:

Give Water a Hand: Residential Campaign
Tip Card #1: Save Water
Tip Card #2: Lawn Care
Tip Card #3: Drains, Sewers and Ditches
Tip Card #4: Native Plants
Tip Card #5: Household Hazardous Waste
Tip Card #6: Storm Drains and Ditches

Give Water a Hand: Business Campaign
Food Service Guidebook
Businesses & Material Storage Guidebook
Home Maintenance, Remodeling & Repair Guidebook
Vehicle Service Guidebook




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