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About Watersheds
We live in the Western Lake Erie Basin watershed, and that means that all the water that falls on or flows over the land we live and work on eventually enters Lake Erie. Learn more about watersheds and how to protect them from these resources:

>>Greater Toledo Lake Erie Clear Choices Clean Water Campaign
>>US EPA Healthy Watersheds Program and Watersheds Academy
>>USGS Science in Your Watershed

Participation in the SWW

If you would like to participate in the SWW, please fill out the 2018 Participation Survey.

View/Submit Data
Coming soon- we are working to have past data and new data submissions available online.
At this time, please submit your sampling data to Sara Guiher –

Sampling and Data Analysis Resources
>>How to Obtain Cooordinates for a Testing Site
>>Fraleigh Curriculum Guide | Water Quality Testing for Secondary Schools
>>Macroinvertebrate Identification Key
>>ODNR Macroinvertebrate Datasheet
>>3M Petrifilm Interpretation Guide
>>TMACOG Petrifilm Coliform Count Slides

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