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Student Summit

The Student Summit gives students a chance to present the results of water sampling to a group of their peers at a day-long scientific conference. To give educators and students time to prepare, the summit will take place approximately 4-5 weeks after the official sampling date. Typically schools will develop an oral presentation, often accompanied by a tabletop display or poster. Oral presentations may be in multiple formats including slideshows, interactive presentations, videos, or skits. A panel of judges (TMACOG staff or partners) evaluates the oral presentations to determine which schools will receive awards. Each class in attendance will get to cast votes for the poster presentation prizes.

In addition to student presentations, professionals from environmental fields will be invited to speak to the students about career paths, employment options, and the specifics of their field. In the past, speakers have held titles such as environmental engineer, storm or wastewater technician, ecologist, and volunteer coordinator. A keynote speaker and master of ceremonies are also chosen from local organizations to help students get the most out of the program.

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