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Water Quality Sampling

When students are involved in hands-on research about issues impacting local streams, they are inspired to make changes in themselves and their communities that will improve environmental quality. Testing of parameters such as pH, nutrients, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and turbidity allows students to assess water quality at their chosen location. Investigation of macroinvertebrate communities illustrates the wide range of organisms that depend on area waterways. The SWW program provides all supplies necessary to assess chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of rivers and streams.

Classes participating in the SWW may test some or all of the water quality parameters. Your sampling regime will be dependent upon the experience of faculty and students, accessibility of the waterway you are sampling, time constraints, and other factors. Contact Sara Guiher, 419.241.9155 x 1147 or to discuss the best options for your situation.

For more information on specific parameters, visit the Educator Resources tab.


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