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Public Transit Planning

Public transportation is a critical component of mobility and accessibility in our region.  TMACOG works to engage stakeholders - including public transit agencies, human services providers, local governments, businesses, and citizens - in planning for the future of transit in our region.

For more information on how you can be involved: see the Public Transit page or contact David Gedeon at 419.241.9155 ext. 1125,

Regional Transit Providers
Bedford Dial-A-Ride BG Transit

Trannsit Information
Transit FAQ
Transit Funding Overview

Regional Transit Studies and Initiatives

Transit FAQ: Public transportation is a complicated industry that is political, expensive and necessary. To better understand it, click here for TMACOG's "Frequently Asked Questions" about transit in the Toledo metropolitan area.

Coordinated Public Transportation and Human Services Transportation Plan Update, 2012 for the Toledo area: click to view report and recomendations on how we can coordinate transit resources. Work is beginning on implementing this plan.

Coordinated Public Transportation and Human Services Transportation Plan Update, 2014 for Wood County:
Wood County has updated a coordination plan too. Contact Robin Richter, WSOS, for details.

Regional Transit Needs Study, 2004: click to view report
on the state of transit, analysis of unmet needs, and recommendations for change.
Regional Core Circulator Study, 2005: click to view report and recommendations on transportation inverstments to strengthen the core of our region in downtown Toledo.
Transit Forum--a series of meetings of community leaders
to discuss public transit issues;
November 2008: Agenda and TARTA's slide presentation.
February 2009: Agenda.
State Transit Planning
Office of Transit, Ohio Department of Transportation
Status of transit in Ohio for previous years
Transit in southeast Michigan, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)
Transit and rail in Michigan, Michigan Department
of Transportation
Transit under FAST, the federal transportation law
>> Public Transit Committee

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