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Pedestrian & Bikeways Committee

Purpose: The Pedestrian and Bikeways Committee is responsible for the implementation of that portion
of the transportation program applicable to bicycling and pedestrians; coordinates and promotes bicycle
and pedestrian facility plans, safety programs and regulations in the Toledo Metropolitan Area.

Activities: Current activities of the committee include development of a comprehensive inventory of both pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the region, supporting implementation of the pedestrian and bike portion
of the Regional Transportation Plan, and preparation of presentation materials to promote development and use of these alternative modes of transportation

Upcoming Meeting Schedules: Unless otherwise announced, all meetings take place quarterly on the 3rd Tuesday at 8 a.m. in the TMACOG Boardroom per the following schedule:

2017 Schedules:
January 17, April 18, July 18, September 19, November 21

For more information about bicycling maps, area bike trails, and other resources, see the Bike and Pedestrian Planning page.

Pedestrian & Bikeways Committee
Steering Committee Members
Pedestrian and Bikeways Operating Procedures

Meeting agendas, notes & related documents
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