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System Performance and Monitoring
System performance is an important component to transportation planning at TMACOG. Traffic counts, safety (high accident) locations, bridge conditions, pavement conditions, and congestion locations are all analyzed to determine how safe and efficient the system is performing. This data is used in the long range planning process, transportation improvement program (TIP) scoring, congestion management process, as well as other various documents and maps.

Functional Classification

Every ten years following the US Census, the functional classification (FC) of our highways is reviewed and updated through a process that involves the local MPO, ODOT, and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). 

The functional classification groups streets and roadways of the nation’s highway system into classes according to their character (freeways, arterials, collectors, and locals). Once established, the highway FC is used for many transportation planning and public policy purposes. The FC system is used to determine:

  • Apportionment of federal funds to states and MPOs;
  • Eligibility of highways to receive Federal funding;
  • Standards to be used for highway design;
  • Inputs into FHWA’s Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), such as traffic counts;
  • Agencies can also establish benchmarks and targets for roads on the FC system measuring outcomes for preservation, system performance, and safety.

For more information about the Ohio Roadway Functional Classification:

For more information about the Michigan Roadway Functional Classification:,4616,7-151-11151_11155---,00.html

In early 2014, TMACOG staff and regional stakeholders reviewed and updated the highway FC system in our Ohio region. These network revisions were approved by FHWA in 2017. In 2015, SEMCOG and MDOT led the same effort to update the FC in southwest Michigan, of which TMACOG staff was a participant. In 2016, FHWA approved the revised network for the State of Michigan. Maps produced by ODOT and MDOT are now available for download.

County maps:

Urbanized area maps:


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