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Belmont-Forest Biocells

TMACOG is working with the Junction Avenue Community Group and the City of Toledo to install two bioretention cells on vacant lots at the corner of Belmont and Forest Avenues in Toledo. The joint lots will be engineered and excavated to create boiretention cells maximizing the 0.75-acre combined lots. Curb cuts with piping under the existing sidewalks will allow stormwater flowing along the street gutter to enter into the cells through swales. The bioretention cells will hold stormwater flows during rain events thereby reducing the volume of water going into the combined sewer system, and potentially relieving some overflow into Swan Creek. It is estimated that these cells with a combined 4.3-acre watershed will remove more than 760 lbs. of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) per year. This project is funded by a $250,000 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) sub-grant of the Ohio EPA Maumee River Sediment & Nutrient Reduction Project.

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Conceptual Drawings of Belmont-Forest Bioretention Cells

Project Status: Contracts Awarded
On May 10, 2016 TMACOG accepted proposals for two parts of the Belmont-Forest Biocell project. The contract for Part 1 of the project has been awarded to Mannik & Smith Group. The contract for Part 2 of the project has been awarded to Schoen, Inc.

Part 1: Landscape Design and Construction Phase Engineering and Inspection for Belmont/Forest Biocell. Consultant to provide construction oversight and project inspection for two stormwater bioretention cells at vacant lots at the corner of Belmont and Forest in Toledo. Consultant will also provide landscaping design for the project.

Proposals Received
• Mannik & Smith Group – Total estimated project cost - $23,339
• Lewandowski Engineers – Total estimated project cost - $57,456

Part 2: Belmont /Forest Biocell Project Construction. Construction of two stormwater bioretention cells on vacant lots at the corner of Belmont and Forest in Toledo. Includes excavation, construction of underdrain piping, and curb adjustments.

Bids Received
• Salenbien Trucking – Total Bid - $100,595
• Schoen, Inc – Total Bid - $106,315
• G6 Infrastructure – Total Bid - $142,526

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