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A-95 Guidelines

TMACOG and the A-95 Regional Clearinghouse Reviews

Through the A-95 Regional Clearinghouse Reviews, we coordinate a regional review of requests for financial assistance (grants and loans) from federal agencies. A-95s are referred to as "local review under Presidential Executive Order 12372" on federal funding applications. The purpose is to provide elected officials information on what agencies are applying for federal funds, and for what purpose.

A-95 Review Submission
A-95 Reviews are on the agenda for each Executive Committee meeting. Review requests and supporting information are due the first of each month. An A-95 review request must include the project’s federal form SF424. Please contact TMACOG's A-95 Review Coordinator for information.

A-95 Reviews for Water Supply Projects
Applicants for federal funds on public water projects must provide answers to TMACOG's questions with their Clearinghouse Review. This applies to public water supply projects only, and is in addition to the SF424 required for all A-95s.



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