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On the Move

We are working on a plan for better transportation in our region!
Get involved in the 2045 Plan.

What is the 2045 Plan? “On the Move: 2015-2045 Transportation Plan" will be the prioritized list of projects, initiatives, and policies that will guide transportation investment in the Toledo metropolitan area (Lucas and Wood counties in Ohio, and southern Monroe County in Michigan).

TMACOG develops this required 4-year update under the leadership of the TMACOG Transportation Planning Committee. We are working on the plan now, and it will be completed by July 1, 2015.

We recently conducted a Transportation Opinion Survey as part of the public involvement for our regional long range plan, “On the Move: 2015-2045 Transportation Plan.” Four prize winners were chosen in a random drawing, and they will receive either a gas card or a bus pass. The lucky winners are: Melanie Coulter, David Marrufo, James Moriarty, and Robert Spino. Thanks to everyone for participating!

The plan will focus on addressing the region's needs and opportunities. It is based on eight goals:
1.   Safety: Reduce traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries across all modes.
2.   Infrastructure condition: Maintain and improve the transportation system to a       state of good repair.
3.   Congestion reduction: Reduce congestion on the National Highway System       (NHS)
4.   System reliability: Improve the efficiency of the surface transportation system.
5.   Freight movement: Strengthen freight access to national and international trade       markets to support economic development
6.   Environmental sustainability: Protect and enhance the community and natural       environments.
7.   Project delivery: Expedite project delivery to maximize effective use of public       funds.
8.   Personal mobility: Improve the quality, accessibility, and efficiency of the       multimodal personal transportation system.

We have completed the March & April public meetings.
is the list of dates & locations where the public meetings transpired.

For more information on the 2045 Plan or how you can get involved, call 419.241.9155 ext. 117 or email

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