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In order to plan for our future, we need to understand the following:
What does our region look like, and who lives here?
What is included in our multi-modal transportation system look like?
What condition is it in?
How well is it working?

To answer these questions, TMACOG staff gathered and created the following information and maps.
We especially focused on data related to our eight plan goals.

Understanding our region through data and information (2014)
Info related to:
Population density, 1990, 2000, 2010
Housing density, 2000 and 2010
Employment density map, 2000, 2010
Non-vehicle households, 2010, 2016
Median age, 2000 and 2010
Elderly population, 2010, 2016
2016 Disabled population
2016 Environmental Justice areas of concern
Median household income, 2000 and 2010
2016 Limited English-speaking population

Minority population , 2010, 2016

2010 Functional classification map
2018 National Highway System & NHS Connectors
Traffic volumes map pending
1. Safety:  Reduce traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries across all modes.
Crashes: top intersections - pending
Crashes: top road segments - pending
Crash tables:  pending
Fatal & injury crashes: Lucas Co., Monroe Co., Wood Co.
ODOT District 2 Safety Work Program, pending
See also: goal 7.
2. Infrastructure condition: Maintain and improve the
transportation system to a state of good repair.
2017 Pavement condition
Change in pavement condition pending
Bridges in worst condition pending
3. Congestion reduction: Reduce congestion on the National
Highway System (NHS)  
2010 congestion locations:  pending

Level of Travel Time Reliability pending

4. System reliability: Improve the efficiency of the surface transportation system.
Truck Travel Time Reliability pending
5. Freight movement: Strengthen freight access to national and international trade markets to support economic development
2016 Truck traffic
2018 Heavy haul routes
Railroads with volumes pending
Freight intermodal facilities pending
2016 Distribution centers
6. Environmental sustainability: Protect and enhance the
community and natural environments.
Environment-related maps (prime agricultural soils, flood plain, parks/forests, Oak Openings region, historic districts, etc.)
7. Personal mobility:  Improve the quality, accessibility, and efficiency of the multimodal personal transportation system. 
2018 Bicycle facilities
2017 Pedestrian facilities (sidewalks)
Pedestrian crashes pending
Bicycle crashes pending
Top ped & bike crash segments pending
2018 Public transit systems
Passenger rail map pending

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