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New Smart Commuting Choice

Lots of people want to drive less. Now, people who want to bike, bus, walk, or carpool to work have a new
resource – and one that rewards them for choosing to travel smarter.

It’s called Gohio Commute and the free service is up and running.
>>Log in to the Gohio Commute network for the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments
>>OR you can start your Smarter Way here as well:

This trip planning service rewards people for using active transportation and shared transit. The more trips you log,
the more rewards you can earn.

You’ll find lots of information:
Learn how to map your smart commute
Find people to cycle with by joining or creating a bike pool – there’s safety in numbers
Learn how much energy is saved when you choose a smart commute
See how many calories are expended on your active commute
And use many more resources

Gohio Commute serves northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. The program is interactive, user-friendly and works well on
mobile devices. Get started now!

Contact us for more information.

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