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Stormwater Coalition Projects

The Stormwater Coalition provides a forum for local governments to address drainage, erosion, stormwater pollution, and stormwater management regulations on a cooperative, watershed basis. Design and implement solutions to regional stormwater management problems.


>>Junction Avenue Urban Waters Project (On going) | Junction Neighborhood Greening Plan Open House 1.25.2016

>>Harroun Park Watershed Education (Previous)

>>Swan Creek Urban Inventory and Assessment (Previous)

Educational Programs

The Give Water A Hand Program

In 2004-2006 the Stormwater Coalition and the Maumee RAP conducted a stormwater education program called Give Water a Hand. The first phase included six tip cards, showing how homeowners can make a difference in protecting clean water. The second phase recommended practices specific that businesses could follow to prevent pollution in stormwater runoff. These tip cards are available below:

Give Water a Hand: Residential Campaign
Tip Card #1: Save Water
Tip Card #2: Lawn Care
Tip Card #3: Drains, Sewers and Ditches
Tip Card #4: Native Plants
Tip Card #5: Household Hazardous Waste
Tip Card #6: Storm Drains and Ditches

Give Water a Hand: Business Campaign
Food Service Guidebook
Businesses & Material Storage Guidebook
Home Maintenance, Remodeling & Repair Guidebook
Vehicle Service Guidebook




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