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Work with Engineering Students
The Stormwater Action Group (SWAG) provides UT’s Civil Engineering classes with real-world stormwater problems, which they solve over the course of a semester through design and cost-benefit analysis.

Fall 2014 - Toledo Revitalization Project
Team Members:
Andrew Coutcher
Kimberly Hoover
Shana Koenig
Tim Lance

Problem Statement
The City of Toledo has hundreds of vacant lots. They have requested a design that will reduce the stormwater runoff and turn the lots into a green space that may be used by the community. Our site is located on the corner of Belmont Avenue and Forest Avenue. The design should be able to be adapted and applied to several other lots.

Evaluate the current condition of the site (soil condition, flow calculations, drainage area, existing utilities).
Meet specifications for bioretention cells set by the rainwater manual from ODNR.
Create a design that can educate the community and be used for recreational purposes. Also, the solution should be adaptable and able to be applied to other sites.
Prepare a cost estimate.

Full Report
Project Report
Informational Poster


Fall 2012 - Toledo Stormwater Retrofit
Team Members:
Robert Siewert
Patrick Rupp
Yu Yang
Tony Dietrich
Andy Biehle

Problem Statement
The Swan Creek watershed receives contaminated stormwater runoff from nearby impervious surfaces. The three areas that are being considered for this project are located around the University of Toledo Health Science Campus. The project stakeholders have asked for solutions that will achieve the greatest reduction in pollutants at the lowest possible cost. The solutions that are being considered for the problems at these locations are installations of different types of BMPs suitable for the location and the different project constraints.

Full Report
Project Presentation pending




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