Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments

Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments

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TMACOG Summer Caucuses &
Forum with State Lawmakers

Penta Career Center
9301 Buck Road., Perrysburg
Contact: Jennifer Allen,
419.241.9155 ext. 123

>>Lots of people want to drive
less. Now, people who want to
bike, bus, walk, or carpool to
work have a new resource...
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Gas Cap Replacement Program

May - September!


Greater Toledo Lake Erie
Clear Choices Clean Water


Toledo Region Transportation Legislative Agenda and Policy

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Ohio Conference on Freight
August 2-4, 2017


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FY 2016 TMACOG Annual Report


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TMACOG will be the governmental
partner of choice to coordinate regional
assets, opportunities, and challenges

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>>5.24.17 Introducing Gohio Commute

>>6.13.17 Changes to roadway and bridges
>>6.6.17 Gas Cap replacement Kick off
>>6.5.17 First Gas Cap Testing
>>6.5.17 Gas Cap testing schedule
>>5.21.17 *Forecasting water rates
*Note: It was Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce
that provided the payment to the consultant, not TMACOG

>>5.25.17 Census News
>>5.07.17 Fremont hosts TMACOG WQ Meeting

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